Housing and Business

The City of Mayetta and Jackson County offer incentives for new residential, commercial, and industrial construction as well as qualified renovation of existing structures. The Neighborhood Revitalization Program in Mayetta provides a five year 20-­‐50 percent property tax rebate on qualified construction. 

Additionally, new residents to Kansas who move from out-­‐of-­‐state directly to Jackson County may also qualify for a personal State income tax waiver for up to five years under the Kansas Rural Opportunity Zone. 

Furthermore, the Northeast Kansas Enterprise Facilitation Program (NEKEF) serves Mayetta and five counties. NEKEF, supported by Jackson County, provides a free and confidential business consulting service to those thinking about starting a business and to existing business owners who wish to expand or transition in Mayetta and other areas. If you have ever dreamed of starting a business, this is a valuable resources to tap for assistance with business planning, licensing, marketing strategies, financial management, lending streams and more.