Mayetta Splash Park

Mayetta Splash Park

How You Can Help

  1. Donate financially.
  2. Donate "In Kind" - we need pipefitters, electricians, excavator, concrete laborer & general labor.
  3. Sponsor (pay for) one of the main features or nozzles.
  4. Join the Spray Park Committee & help with future fundraisers.
  5. Encourage family, friends & neighbors to donate!

Mayetta Community Fund Online Giving

  1. Visit the donation page for Topeka Community Foundation here:
  2. Under the 4th entry titled "Drop Down List" select Mayetta Community Fund.
  3. Complete the rest of the form. The donor will receive an immediate email reply and we will inform JCCF and Mayetta of the contribution. Easy!

Package Information:

Package B
Package C

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Why do we need a spray park?

Answer:  Many people in our town were surveyed what they'd like to see added to our town.  The most common answer was a swimming pool.  Pools are very expensive and require lots of water, electricity, chemicals, life guard(s), fencing, expensive insurance and more.  Spray parks, on the other hand, are not a drowning hazard - thereby eliminating the need for life guards, fencing and much of the expense of insurance.  Water usage, electicity costs and chemical/sanitation is significantly reduced.  Further, the Committee sees the need to make our town more attractive to the younger generation to increase home sales, populaton base - and as a result - the stabilization or decrease in taxes and fees paid by today's towns people.

2.  How much does the proposed Spray Park cost?

Answer:  The estimated cost for "Package B" (our proposed project) is $30,000.  This price includes all of the pumps, fixtures, fittings and concrete.  It does not include the labor to put the package together, excavation or labor to pour the concrete.  The committee recognizes that some people will be unable to donate money.  These folks may have a skill or could donate general labor that would help.  A donation of labor or skill is just as important as financial donations, and the Committee encourages and appreciates anyone who contributes - regardless of what kind of donation it is.

3.  Are there other "packages" available to purchase?

Answer:  Yes, there are two other Commercial kits available.  One kit - Package A -  only has one main feature and fewer in ground nozzles.  The committee decided to eliminate this package due to it's small size and it's cost relative to size.  There is a more expensive kit available - Package C - which is quite a bit larger.  It includes seven main features (compared to three for our proposed package), forty in ground nozzles (compared to twenty four in our proposed package) and is approximately fifty feet x fifty feet squared (compared to thirty nine feet x thirty nine feet squared for our proposed package.)  Package C is estimated to cost $60,000.  We have posted a picture of Package C elsewhere for your viewing.  The Committee would love to have Package C - but that would require significantly more financial contributions.

4.  How did the Committee decide what to build?

Answer:  The Committee reviewed several potential vendors and several packages to get the best built products available at the most reasonable cost.  The Committee wants YOUR input on the main features because this will be YOUR park.  See the Attendant and select what features will be in YOUR NEW PARK!!!

5.  How is the new Spray Park being paid for?

Answer:  The short answer is Donations.  The Committee recognized that the City of Mayetta couldn't afford to build the Spray Park on it's own.  Also, the Committee felt that this is an opportunity for the townspeople to come  together for a common goal - improving our town, providing safe play and recreation for children and their parents, and improving what our town has to offer.  Once the Spray Park is built, the City of Mayetta will assume all maintenance and repair of the park.

6.  Who can I talk to for more information about the Spray Park?

Answer:  Feel free to talk to any Spray Park Committee members.  They have answers to many questions and will happily get answers for you if they don't know the answer off the top of their head.  The Committee members are:  Liz Smith, Delaina Miller, Bob Gay, Rose Stauffer, Linda Robinson and Daniel Whiteman.  We appreciate all feedback and invite you to talk to us at any time.  We hope to hear from you!

7.  When is the new Spray Park going to be built?

Answer:  It is anticipated to have the new Spray Park up and running in the Spring of 2017.  Yes, that's NEXT YEAR!  It will take approximately three months - from placing the order to the completion of construction - so rapid fundraising is essential.   This means that we need to have fundraising completed no later than January to allow time to order the kit, ship the kit, excavate, connect water, sewer, electrical, install nozzles, pour concrete, install main features, complete initial start up, trouble shoot any problems and finish grading.  All of this, of course depends on decent weather - which as you know - Kansas doesn't always have.  The Committee is confident that we can achieve this goal, but it is highly dependent on your early donation and participation.

Proposed Park Schematic